Unemployment Nine: Roller coaster down

I think one of the hardest things about being unemployed is the emotional roller coaster the job search takes you on, and this week, the roller coaster is flying downhill.

Roller coaster down

I went on an interview last week that I was particularly hopeful about, with a major media company, for a position that seemed like a perfect fit. The fact that I spoke with three different people boosted my hopes, as you’d like to think that if person No. 1, the division’s boss, wasn’t interested, he wouldn’t have wasted the time of Nos. 2 and 3.

I got a form e-mail rejection note today. It came as somewhat of a shock, as I didn’t think I’d hear anything until late this week or sometime next week. As I said in a previous blog, it was one of the first job interviews I walked out of saying, “I want THIS job,” rather than, “I want A job.” I really thought it was in the cards.

I’m not down on myself. I know part of the problem is that there have been so many layoffs in the industry that the pool of competition is deeper than usual. And I know nothing is ever guaranteed, so I wasn’t exactly scouting for lunch locations in the area where this company is headquartered.

But it still sucks. I really, really wanted this job.

It doesn’t help matters that as I sit here typing this Wednesday afternoon, I have sent out a whopping total of one résumé this week. The job sites I’ve been surfing are as barren as they’ve been since my layoff. And I’m very concerned that with the holiday season approaching, this may be the norm, rather than the exception.

So, what else can I do? I’ll revisit the sites, double back with some connections and hope for the best. I just hope there’s an incline coming for the roller coaster, and soon.

7 comments on “Unemployment Nine: Roller coaster down

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  2. That sucks man, keep up the good fight… hopefully it will work for ya…

  3. Aaron says:

    I feel you man, it’s sad…but it helps to hear that more people are going through this similar situation. If you want this enough, you’re going to have to go for it 110%…

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