Marley & Me

If you love animals, especially dogs, stop what you’re doing instantly and get your hands on a copy of Marley & Me, by John Grogan.

The unforeseen glut of free time I’ve encountered lately has left me with a lot of time to read, and my girlfriend was kind enough to supplement my library stash, as I’d reached the point of rereading some of my Stephen King favorites and my currently tight budget doesn’t exactly feature room for books.

Marley & Me

Marley & Me

Despite the two rather portly examples of the feline species who share my apartment, I’ve always been a dog person. I’ve never had my own dog, largely because I just don’t feel like my schedules and living situations over the years would have been fair. But I’ve spent quite a lot of time with them and around them, and I definitely intend to be the proud owner of a canine furball at some point in my life.

For those who don’t like pets, or who don’t understand pet owners and how they feel about their animals, read Marley & Me. If, after reading this book, you don’t grasp the emotional connection between pets and their humans, you might be beyond help.

Marley & Me is the story of a newlywed couple and the yellow Lab puppy they adopted, following Marley the dog through his adulthood and old age and introducing his three human brothers and sisters into the mix.

Anyone who has ever owned a pet will relate to the stories told in this book. Animals have a unique and humorous way of getting themselves into trouble, and every pet I’ve ever been around has a little bit of Marley in him or her.

So stop reading this stupid blog and get your ass to the bookstore. Now. Git.

2 comments on “Marley & Me

  1. ansky says:

    Yes, this book is cute, if you like dogs. But when I read a book, I like to have my own vision of what the characters would look like, especially when a movie is in the works. Unfortunately, I found out some time ago, well before I started the book, that John and Jenny will be portrayed by Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. Blech!! I loved that it’s a true story about a crazy dog, but I just cannot see those two actors portraying the lead characters. I had a really hard time not hearing Owen Wilson’s nasel-like voice calling Marley on the beach. And they will probably need some ugly kids to portray the offspring of these two. Again, blech…!!!

  2. Aims says:

    This was indeed a great book. Definitely made me think of my own mutt at points. I cried like a BABY reading this.

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