Unemployment Nine: Check engine

OK, I really don’t need this right now.

While on a very quick errand to BJ’s yesterday to fetch a case of G2 — the low-calorie Gatorade, which has become as prominent in my blood stream as Guinness and Jack Daniel’s — the “check engine” light in my car flickered on and stayed on.

Check Engine

Check Engine

First of all, as anyone who looks at this blog can see, I’m unemployed right now.

Second, I already had my big car expense for 2008 in March, as the result of an unsuccessful scuffle with a gigantic pothole in February. I fought the pothole and the pothole won.

On the bright side, everything about the car felt the same. I drove the car for a little while just to complete my errands and get home, paying very close attention to its performance, and there was no difference.

So I am seriously hoping that whatever caused the check engine light to go on is minor, because I really can’t deal with a major expense right now. If my mechanic calls with some really bad news, the next light to go on might be “check pulse” or “check blood/alcohol level,” depending on whether or not I pass out on the way to the liquor cabinet.

One comment on “Unemployment Nine: Check engine

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