Unemployment Nine: Lonely … but why?

Being unemployed really messes with your head. The past couple of days, I’ve gotten a strange, lonely feeling during the day. But I have no idea why.

I wasn’t really tight with any of the people I’ve worked with the past year, after being forced to switch to a different department within the same company. We were always friendly to each other, but I never developed the kind of bond I did with my former co-workers.

And with the pace of my job, I often cranked up my iPod and worked nonstop, so I really only talked to people when necessary.

As far as friends and family, I usually stayed in touch via e-mail during the work day, and I’m doing that just as much, if not more. Being a wiseass via e-mail has always been my way of taking quick breaks and relieving stress between stories.

Plus, I worked from home a few times a month, so I’m used to the Hoboken bureau of myself and the two cats. I usually find it peaceful, but the past couple of days, it’s been almost eerie.

On the plus side, I had a great interview yesterday, so I’m hoping that keeps the arrow moving upward.

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