Unemployment Nine: Résumé craziness

There is no right way to prepare a résumé. It’s a matter of opinion, taste and preference. Of course, there are basic principles: Everything should be spelled correctly (especially when seeking an editorial position!), the grammar should be correct and phrases like, “Hire me, you pigfucker, or I’ll barbecue your family,” should, in all likelihood, be avoided.

But if I tried to listen to every suggestion I’ve received about my résumé, my head would explode.

Don’t get me wrong (especially if you’re one of the people who made suggestions): Any help is appreciated.
But like I said, for the most part, there’s no right and wrong. If I tried to incorporate everyone’s ideas, I’d never finish my résumé, which would make finding a job sort of difficult. And my head would explode, which would significantly diminish my qualifications.

I’ve definitely listened to some suggestions. It’s tough: I’m old-school when it comes to résumés. The last time I updated mine, I wrestled for weeks with the concept of letting it go past one page. It still seems strange to me.

I guess I’ll just treat it like a work in progress and, when I agree with someone’s suggestion, make the appropriate change.

My head hurts.

3 comments on “Unemployment Nine: Résumé craziness

  1. dkrauss999 says:

    I think the most important thing about your resume is to not be afraid to change it when you find your not making any progress. I’ve been out of work for roughly 9 months and I’ve tinkered with mine several times. What I found is that each time I made a change the number of looks I got on the job search sites picked up for a time.

    Its a tough market, keep your head up and don’t take any crap from anyone when it comes to your career! Remember its your career.


  2. Pat says:

    Hey man — I know we’re doing some targeted hiring here, so give me a holler when you get a chance and I’ll walk you through our Web site.

    Pat Fitz

  3. […] I was laid off Oct. 2 . I’ve been very vigilant about my job hunt, making a lot of suggested tweaks to my résumé, contacting just about everyone I know in the industry and applying for several jobs I’ve found […]

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