Unemployment Nine: Old habits die hard

I realize it’s only been a few days since I got laid off, and not quite two full business days as I type this, but I’m wondering how long it will take to break some everyday habits that are no longer necessary.

Every time I’ve started up one of my computers (just a desktop and a laptop, not a nerd’s closet), I’ve automatically reached for my keys to get the hard code that enables me to log into the office’s network. I’ve then realized that the little digital thing with the code that changes every 30 seconds is no longer on my key chain.

Every time I’m online, I think I should check my work e-mail to make sure there’s no breaking news that should be posted on the Web site. Then I realize that, for the first time in over a decade, I no longer have work e-mail.

Every time I’m away from a PC for a while, I find myself thinking about how much work I might have to do once I get back online, then the realization hits me that I have absolutely nothing to do, which sounds great at first glance, but really isn’t.

This is weird.

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