Facebook replaces yentas

The neighborhood yenta (the gossip-monger who’s in everyone’s business, for those not well-versed in Yiddish) is now obsolete.

Within a period of about nine hours, I found out, through social-networking site Facebook, that the fates of two couples I’m friendly with had changed dramatically — one bad, one good.

One couple, who had been dating at least a couple of years, broke up. And another, who have been together a shorter time, got engaged.

I’m friends with all four people so, needless to say, I’m bummed about the breakup and excited about the engagement.

Facebook is truly remarkable, though. I was a very late convert, finally nudged into joining by my girlfriend, and I’ve found it to be about 1,000 times more useful than MySpace (I’m not setting the bar very high, I realize).

In the three weeks or so that I’ve been a Facebook member, I’ve managed to: reconnect with some old college friends; rekindle my Scrabble skills (although I have a long way to go based on the results of the last game I completed); learn a few things about some of my other friends whom I don’t speak with every day; see some great pictures of some of my friends and their friends and families; and, most important, waste some time during the work day.

After all, all work and no play makes 9 a dull boy (and really makes him crave cocktails).

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