Flat rat

Anyone who’s spent any time in Manhattan has probably seen the giant inflatable rat unions bring out when they’re protesting the use of nonunion labor.

Inflatable Rat

Inflatable Rat

Well, the big fella was right outside a deli near my office this afternoon, in all of its splendor.

And in the two minutes (if it was even that long) that it took me to walk about 30 feet into the deli, grab a Coke Zero out of the cooler (I’m usually a Diet Pepsi fan, but I’ve gotten a little hooked on Coke Zero), wait for the person in front of me to pay for their food, pay for my soda and walk out the door, the rat went completely flat.

It wasn’t the act of a vengeful scab or an over-aggressive cat — just the end of the protest.

But I couldn’t believe how quickly the organizers were able to deflate the rat. I swear, two minutes is the absolute most time I could have spent in the deli.

And I can’t believe how quiet the process was. Both doors to the deli were open, and I never heard any kind of unusual noise. Yet when I exited, Coke Zero in hand, the rat was flat as a rug. How could all that air have been released with nary a peep?

Maybe I should have paid more attention in my science classes.

One comment on “Flat rat

  1. bob says:

    because its not really inflated like an innertube, its held up with a compressor that is constantly run, which was then switched off.

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