The new Chase ATMs are PHAT!

In a rare change of circumstances, I went to the Chase branch near my office not to withdraw money, but to actually make a deposit. Praised be Jeebus!

I got to the ATM lobby and cursed up a storm when I realized there was not a single deposit envelope to be found. Then, as I was in the process of storming out, I spotted a large cardboard advertisement touting Chase’s new, user-friendly ATMs and the fact that deposit slips and envelopes were no longer necessary.

After an about-face, I dipped my ATM card in one of the machines and was quite impressed. Not only are deposit slips and envelopes now so 2007 — you don’t even have to key in the amount of the check or checks anymore. Checks are fed into a slot and scanned, and an image of the check appears on screen saying, “The amount of your check is $3,936,811.09. Is this correct?”

OK, so my check was for slightly less money, but you get the idea.

Anyway, well done, and a tip of the hat to Chase and the manufacturer responsible for the new ATMs.

2 comments on “The new Chase ATMs are PHAT!

  1. ansky says:

    Bank of America has been envelope free for some time. Big deal.

  2. Clay Greenberg says:

    The new system is great, except that my check got jammed in the Chase ATM today and now I have to wait a week for them to investigate. We’ll see what happens, I guess. The new system is supposed to save time but I had to spend almost an hour in the branch dealing with this machine error.

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