Stupidity camps out

Would you camp out from Sunday-Wednesday in the parking lot of an IKEA that hadn’t yet opened its doors to the public just for the chance to win a $399 couch? If the answer is “yes,” please don’t read any further or you might want to stab me.

According to the New York Post, people began camping out at a new IKEA location in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood Sunday, and the first 35 customers when the furniture store opens its doors Wednesday will receive a $399 white couch.

Am I missing something? Is a $399 couch worth spending three nights outside?

First of all, I like IKEA, but let’s tell it like it is: A $399 IKEA couch won’t exactly become a family heirloom.

Second, Red Hook doesn’t exactly bring Mayberry, N.C., from The Andy Griffith Show, to mind. It’s got a reputation as a pretty dicey neighborhood.

Third: I certainly hope none of these people has kids or pets if they’re actually going to bring white couches into their homes.

Fourth and finally, if $399 is such a significant sum of money to a person that they’d spend three nights outside a Swedish retailer, here’s a novel idea: How about WORKING for those three days instead of creating a Hooverville in Brooklyn?

I just don’t get it at all. Camp Stupid makes no sense to me.

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