It’s almost baseball season

Yes, I know, the Major League Baseball season started one month ago with the Boston Red Sox-Oakland Athletics series in Japan. And every other team has been playing for about three weeks. But to me, it’s not quite baseball season yet.

Depending on whether the Yankees open their season at home or on the road, there are either three or four stages that mark the beginning of baseball season.

If the Yankees open on the road, stage one is Opening Day and stage two is the home opener. If the Yankees open in the Bronx, stages one and two are one in the same.

The next stage is the first home game against Boston. It’s not really baseball season until the venom begins to flow. The Tampa Bay Rays just don’t elicit the same kind of emotions.

But the final stage, which I have yet to experience this season, is the first time I can go to a game in shorts. April baseball can be brutal weather-wise, and this April was no exception.

So I’m hoping that Thursday, May 1 at 7:05 p.m., when the Detroit Tigers visit Yankee Stadium, I will be in the House that Ruth Built, holding the cold beer that Miller brewed and wearing the shorts that Old Navy made. Then, and only then, will it be baseball season.

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