A way for the Nets to hose the Knicks

I’m a longtime New Jersey Nets fan, and I absolutely detest the New York Knicks. When the Knicks were a contender and the Nets were brutal, beating the Knicks felt like 10 wins. And even when the two teams’ fortunes were reversed, I still relished beating the Knicks, and they couldn’t possibly lose enough games for me.

Needless to say, as bad as the Nets’ season has been, I still look across the Hudson River and chuckle.

Unfortunately, the Knicks won three of the four games against the Nets this season, winning the season series for the first time since short-shorts and big Afros.

But I have a way for the Nets to get back at them.

The Knicks just hired Donnie Walsh from the Pacers to run their team. I have a better chance of coaching the Knicks next year than Isiah Thomas does, and the front-runner for the job appears to be Mark Jackson, former Knicks point guard and current Nets TV announcer.

Unless the Nets get him first.

I know people in the Nets’ organization love the current head coach, Lawrence Frank, and I can’t say I dislike him, but I’ve never been a fan of his substitution patterns. Plus, every time the Nets call a time out, I want to cry. If the Nets have the ball, the end result is usually a turnover or a horrible shot. If the opponent has possession, the end result is usually a dunk, a layup or a wide-open three-pointer.

Does Frank deserve to lose his job? Maybe, maybe not. But I’d gladly sacrifice his position to name Mark Jackson to the post and deprive the Knicks of his services.

Why do I want Mark Jackson to coach the Nets? I think he’s got a great basketball mind. He knows the game inside and out. He was a damn good point guard without having better physical skills or speed than most of his opponents. And, frankly (pun intended), I flat out like the guy and don’t want to see him end up in Madison Square Garden hell, where I have no choice but to root against him.

So, Rod Thorn, get moving on this: Letting Mark Jackson go to the Knicks would be a poor decision. In the words of Jackson himself, “You BETTER than that!”

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