Daylight Savings Time

The difference in my mood when I leave work and it’s still daylight out, versus when I leave work and it’s already dark, is pretty substantial.

Listing places I’d rather be besides my office would take up too much server space. It’s much easier to list places that make me appreciate the office: prison, the dentist, the hospital, a techno club, Hell, Iraq, Afghanistan and Boston. I probably left out a few, but you get the picture.

Yet today, despite a fairly draining day, when I left the office and saw the sun, it definitely helped my mood. My mood was still foul, but it was probably downgraded to yellow-alert foul from red-alert foul. I’m not sure there’s a color in the spectrum to describe last week’s level of foul.

A lot of people complained when they moved Daylight Savings Time to an earlier date. I embrace it. To whoever was responsible for the decision, thank you.

One comment on “Daylight Savings Time

  1. Jill says:

    I hear ya!!! I say we keep it all year round!!!

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