Pet peeve on pet names

While working from home and listening to the snores and yawns of my two cats, Trouble and 8-Ball, I had to laugh at one of my pet peeves: people who use boring, unoriginal, “human names” for their pets.

There are exceptions, naturally. If the pet bears an uncanny resemblance to a person, I can live with it. I wanted to name 8-Ball either Jemima or Oprah, but I got screamed at too much. I hate politically correct people.

Or if you’re honoring someone by naming the pet after them, I can accept that.

Sometimes an animal just looks like a certain name. I know a dog that just looks like a George, so I have no problem with his name being George.

Show dogs crack me up, though. I mean, can someone explain how they came up with Charles Winston Fox Kramer IV for a Bassett Hound?

I don’t know her personally — hell, I don’t even know her name — but a fellow Hoboken resident and the writer of a blog I enjoy reading, Across the Hudson, follows the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) theory to its most optimum. Her dog’s name? Mutt. I love it. The dog is just plain adorable, too.

It’s not that hard to come up with a fun name. Why is Trouble named Trouble? Because every time I turned around, she was causing it. Why is 8-Ball named 8-Ball? Because she’s round and black. I could have named them Constance and Felicity, but why?

They’re pets, people. Have some fun!

3 comments on “Pet peeve on pet names

  1. Aims says:

    Um, will it disappoint you to know that Mutt is a psuedonym? His real name is in fact a human one… it is simple and British-sounding, so that The Brit (um, also a psuedonym, btw) feels adequately represented. Here are some hints: I sometimes use the word Simple in front of it when he acts dumb… and I am often asked if he is named for another famous brit of American Idol fame. Thanks for reading!

  2. Heather says:

    Am I pushing it with Scioscia? It’s a little late to change it now……

  3. ansky says:

    Jemima and Oprah are WAY better than 8 Ball… Since when do you listen to others, when it’s something you want to do? My mother is VERY offended that my sister named her dog Henry. That is my grandfather’s and uncle’s name, and has my mom in a slight uproar. I think she should’ve changed it out of respect, but my say didn’t matter, either. I will hold out for Gator or Thurman, IF I ever get a dog, which I am quickly changing my thinking about. Can’t travel so much if you have pets or kids. As for you, I still think you need to get rid of the cats and get that Springer Spaniel named Nettles.

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