Buy me some peanuts and … a dirty martini?

I just can’t wait until April 2009, when the new Yankee Stadium opens. It’s always been my dream to change into a jersey and shorts, throw on my old-school hat, leave the office, take the 4 train up to the ballpark and settle into my seat with a martini to root on the Bronx Bombers.

Or not.

In case you missed it, AP posted a progress report on the construction of the new Yankee Stadium yesterday. Featured prominently in the lead paragraph was the fact that the new ballpark will have a martini bar.

Are you kidding me?

Baseball is about hotdogs and cold beer. Baseball is about sneaking a flask into the ballpark so you can add Jack Daniel’s to your soda or vodka to your lemon ice. Baseball is NOT about martinis.

I like martinis. I really do. But they have their place, and the ballpark is not their place.

I actually prefer dirty martinis. I’m not a fan of the sweet, fruity varieties. It’s simply a matter of taste — I don’t dislike them because I think they’re “girly” drinks. I’m confident in my masculinity, even though I own two cats.

But they don’t belong in the ballpark. Period.

And even if I was sitting at a relatively unexciting Tuesday-night affair against Kansas City and suddenly got the craving for something different, here’s another issue: Considering the fact that most beers at the Stadium are just under $10, and they just started selling oil cans of Foster’s this past season for $12 (only six times the local bodega’s price, but who’s counting?), exactly how much are these martinis going to cost? I set the over/under at $31.50.

The more I hear about this new ballpark, the more I hate it.

2 comments on “Buy me some peanuts and … a dirty martini?

  1. Heather says:

    Hot dogs and beer with one exception… champagne IN OCTOBER!

  2. fixoyuns says:

    This is cool, but I dig the classics

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