Eli Manning Way? Enough already!

Just when I thought I was going to be able to go five minutes without being reminded that the Giants won the Super Bowl, I had to go and read that the square mile of issues known as Hoboken is considering naming a street after Eli Manning.

Enough already.

I’ve given the Giants plenty of well-deserved props, but enough already.

The man has had four solid games. Six weeks ago, most Giants fans I know wanted to drop him off Pier A with rocks tied to him. And now, he’s worthy of a street?

Off the top of my head, I can name several recent area athletes who are far more deserving of that honor.

If you want to stick with the Giants, how about the quarterback who had the best performance in Super Bowl history, Phil Simms? Character issues probably rule out Lawrence Taylor (although how much worse is his character than that of just about any Hudson County politician?), unless the city is looking to name an alley where drug transactions occur. O.J. Anderson?

Granted, football’s popularity dwarfs that of hockey, but the New Jersey Devils have won three Stanley Cups in the not-too-distant past. How about Scott Stevens, Martin Brodeur or Scott Niedermayer?

The New York Yankees won four World Series in five years. How about Derek Jeter or Joe Torre? Or even Bernie Williams? Mariano Rivera?

Character issues kind of rule out most of the 1986 Mets, and the New Jersey Nets’ last championship happened when the team played on Long Island in short-shorts with gigantic afros and a red, white and blue basketball. And as for the Jets, are they still in the league?

I’m really not trying to trash Eli Manning. His play escalated at the best possible time, and I expect him to go into next season with a new level of confidence and stay in the upper echelon of quarterbacks.

But I say, “No way,” to Eli Manning Way.

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