Hoboken’s Hudson St. – memory lane

I rekindled an old romance the other night. I walked up my absolute favorite street in Hoboken, Hudson St., for the first time in about three years.

My first Hoboken apartment was on Hudson St. Actually, my first two were, but in the interest of accuracy, the second one, where I only lived for a few months, was more the size of a filing cabinet than an apartment, so I tend to selectively edit it out of my list.

But I’ve since moved pretty far into the west end of Hoboken, so I haven’t really had a reason to walk up Hudson St. until the other night, when I headed straight from the PATH station to Liberty Bar for a beer tasting.

I used to walk up Hudson St. whenever I headed anywhere uptown (which, starting off on 3rd St., was a great deal of the time), and I always tried to imagine what it would be like to afford to own an apartment there.
The buildings just have so much character. My personal favorites are the former social club on the corner of 6th St. and the converted church, which, I believe, is between 8th and 9th (I could be off a block or two on this one). I always chuckled to myself at the thought of Slayer blasting out of my PC speakers in an old church, but I digress.

Once you get past the newer skyscrapers and get to the area between 4th St. and 10th St., I just love the entire area. The older apartment buildings on the left and the mansions on the right, including the ones up on the hill by Stevens Tech, are just beautiful. It’s just such a gorgeous, peaceful area. Even though Washington St. is one block away and Manhattan is just across the river, it just doesn’t feel like you’re in a city (and I mean that in a good way).

Of course, economics get in the way once you get past 10th St., and what used to be fantastic views of Manhattan are now fantastic views of some financial analyst putting his ties away in one of the Maxwell House buildings. But it’s hard to complain about that. In a romantic way, you wanted the Manhattan views to always be there, but looking at it practically, I’m amazed that prime, valuable waterfront property stayed vacant as long as it did.

So, my tip for the day to those unfamiliar with Hoboken: If you have the time and it’s on the way, head uptown on Hudson St.

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