Humbled by a beer sampler

Have you ever thought you were pretty well-versed in a subject, only to find out in a rude and quick fashion that you don’t know anywhere near as much as you thought you did?

Brooklyn Brewing was nice enough to host a beer tasting at Liberty Bar in Hoboken last night. In addition to tasting 10 different beers – you had me at hello! – there was a contest to see who could identify the most of the 10 (from a list of about 20).

Considering how much I love sampling different kinds of beer, this had to be a layup, right? Um, not so fast.

But with all the beer I drink, I had to get at least seven or eight right, didn’t I? Um, not so much.

Two people tied for the lead with five correct answers. I was not one of those two. Three people tied for second place with four beers properly identified. I was not one of those three. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

No, this self-proclaimed beer expert was able to properly identify a whopping total of one out of the 10 beers served. And the one I did get right was gift-wrapped – Brooklyn Brown, which I drank by the gallon a few years ago.

So, what went wrong?

First off, maybe I should have used water to cleanse my pallet, rather than several pints of Guinness. But I didn’t think my choice would present a problem, since my blood is around 30% Guinness anyway, give or take a yard.

Second, perhaps I should have guessed that more of the beers were produced by Brooklyn Brewery, since that particular company was hosting the event. Upon further review, that was pretty stupid on my part. Maybe I can blame that on the use of Guinness to cleanse my pallet, too.

All in all, aside from being completely humbled, it was a great night and a great event. And I wasn’t that far off with my answers – I usually had the type of beer correct, but not the brand. It wasn’t like I looked at a light-yellow-colored wheat beer and guessed that it was a chocolate stout.

But I guess I really don’t know as much about beer as I thought, which means only one thing: TIME TO STUDY!

5 comments on “Humbled by a beer sampler

  1. […] But I’ve since moved pretty far into the west end of Hoboken, so I haven’t really had a reason to walk up Hudson St. until the other night, when I headed straight from the PATH station to Liberty Bar for a beer tasting. […]

  2. gigfydotcom says:

    Like they say, Guinness Is Good For You!

  3. suzanne says:

    OMG wait … U??? … couldn’t correctly identify the beers? that blows my whole story where i tell everyone you taught me everything i know about beer. cuz what does that say about my skills? hmmm …..

  4. […] be able to drink generic, cheap wine again after all the great wines we sampled. I’m already a beer snob — can I afford to be a wine snob, […]

  5. […] anyone who either knows me or has read this blog knows, I am a big fan of both beer and wine. I’m clearly far from anti-wine, but my loyalty belongs to beer for years of service, […]

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