Zeke’s Roadhouse

(Originally posted on my MySpace blog Sept. 21, 2007) 

I have found Heaven, and its name is Zeke’s Roadhouse.

I was in Miami last weekend with a few friends, visiting two good friends of mine from college and attending the Cowboys-Dolphins game (Cowboys 37, Dolphins 20, HOLLA!). Paradise is located on Lincoln Road in Miami, near South Beach.

Zeke’s Roadhouse has several refrigerators stocked with bottles of hard-to-find microbrewed and imported beer, with every single bottle selling for the princely sum of $3.

Plus, if you’re fortunate enough to secure an outdoor table, the people-watching on Lincoln Road is just unbelievable.

I don’t even know how to start describing all the beautiful women who walked by during the two hours or so that we spent there. Between the Amazon-like six footers who were sizzling hot, the mothers who looked like they started doing one-armed pushups seconds after childbirth and the good, old-fashioned, just plain beautiful women – I mean, wow!

If I lived in the Miami area, Zeke’s Roadhouse would be on my agenda a minimum of twice every week. Period. I wish one would open in Hoboken, instead of another bank, nail salon or Chinese restaurant.

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