Morons at the PNC Bank Arts Center

(Originally posted on my MySpace blog Aug. 23, 2007) 

A two-middle-fingers-raised, loud FUCK YOU to the management of the PNC Bank Arts Center for a recent decision that reeks of stupidity.

Some 26-year-old moron from Forked River — don’t even get me STARTED on THAT town! — died at Ozzfest earlier this month. It turns out that one stimulant wasn’t enough for this soon-to-be-former party animal — large amounts of marijuana, cocaine AND alcohol were found in his system.

So what did the geniuses who run the Arts Center do? They banned alcohol from the parking lot.

Because of one idiot, responsible people who don’t turn their bodies into toxic cocktails can’t enjoy a few beers before a show?

Hey, Einsteins, guess what? Your alcohol ban will lead to three things:

• Much greater consumption of hard liquor, as it’s much easier to hide than beer;

• Much greater consumption of drugs, as they’re even easier to hide than hard liquor; and

• People getting lit up like Christmas trees in other locations, THEN driving to the Arts Center for the show.

I mean, really, are you shitting me? Pot, cocaine, alcohol — I wonder which one killed him.

Actually, part of my FUCK YOU goes to our justice system. My guess is that part of the motivation behind this idiotic policy is to avoid lawsuits. Any judge with an IQ topping that of a Dorito should immediately throw the lawsuit out of his or her courtroom upon hearing the word “cocaine.” But there are never any guarantees (See: O.J. Simpson on the golf course instead of the big house).

Scratch PNC Bank Arts Center off my list of concert venues — the place sucks ass, anyway — until this half-witted policy is scrapped.

6 comments on “Morons at the PNC Bank Arts Center

  1. Phil Lima says:

    Actually two people died at PNC that day. Both overdosed. (Alcohol and drugs.) I actually knew one of the deceased. I ended leaving work early to attend his wake in Long Island. Too bad, he was a nice kid.

  2. 9nine9 says:

    That sucks. Obviously, I don’t mean to make light of the tragedy of anyone dying young. But the fact that I’m going to see Rush there on a Saturday in July and can’t have a couple of beers in the parking lot is idiotic and solves nothing.

  3. […] by 9nine9 on July 13, 2008 I saw my favorite band, Rush, at the PNC Bank Arts Center last night. It was, as always, a damn good show and, while driving home, the thought struck me that […]

  4. Jen says:

    I just went to a show Saturday and fell victim to the strict regulations. I vow never to go to PNC again! I not a heavy drinker, but tailgating is an American tradition damnit! Three beer minimums, no hanging out WHATSOEVER in the parking lot, and long wristband lines is no way to treat paying customers. I felt like I was back in high school. Shame on you PNC!

  5. Kerry says:

    I Saw Snoop Dogg & 311 at PNC This past Saturday. I just want to say that I will NEVER go back there again! I loved the SHOW itself, but the venue ruined my rockin mood! I remember back in the day where RESPONSIBLE fan goers would mingle in the parking lots, make new friends, have a couple of beers & head to the show. Now, you can’t even chill out by your own car in the parking lot. & Yes, people WILL Pre Game elsewhere & then DRIVE back to PNC. Who is the dumbass that decided on the no tailgating??!!! You’re not helping, You’re pretty much promting driving under the influence! Also, it takes about 11 years to get an over 21 bracelet only to find out soon after that you’re only allowed three beers total while on PNC grounds. You can only order one at a time & they mark it down on your bracelet. This is all because of some stupid 16 year old asshole didn’t know how to handle themselves one night at a show! You know what? We concert veterans will never tolerate this again! Fuck PNC! It’s just becoming more & more of a hassle everytime. Grow some balls PNC, & make some shows 21 & over.You’ll never make another penny off of me, & I’ll be telling everyone I know about this also. I’ve never seen so much stupidity at any other venue in ly life! So here is my big FUCK YOU!!! You suck!

  6. RMS says:

    Does anyone know if you can get into the parking lot earlier than the 2 hours before showtime stated on the website? I know you always used to be, the show I am going to is NOT one of the “banned” shows, so we CAN tailgate, but I’d like to go earlier than 5 PM.

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