I peed in four states Monday

(Originally posted on my MySpace blog Sept. 21, 2007) 

I set a personal record Monday in the category of urinating in the most states during a 24-hour period: four.

And I’m very proud of myself!

At the conclusion of a fantastic trip to Miami (more on that in another blog, if I can get to it today), urinal No. 1 was in the airport in Fort Lauderdale. A friend who files for Continental was nice enough to secure buddy passes for my buddy and I, so we flew dirt-cheap, but we flew standby (definitely worth the savings). However, the Fort Lauderdale-Newark pipeline was a crowded one that day, and we were scrambling to get home, which brings us to urinal No. 2.

Urinal No. 2 was in the airport in Cleveland. With the help of some very informative folks behind the Continental counter in Fort Lauderdale, it was determined that we’d have a better shot of getting home by taking a less-crowded flight to Cleveland, then getting on an equally less-crowded flight to Newark. So during our momentous 45-minute stay at the Cleveland airport, when in Cleveland, do as the Clevelanders do.

Urinal No. 3 was at Newark Liberty International Airport, just prior to scrambling for a taxi to get back to Hoboken and near the completion of our journey.

And urinal No. 4 was at Madison Square Garden, during the intermission of a damn good show by Rush, which was the primary reason for all of the scrambling that took place earlier in the day. Other than having a very unfortunate seat location – the view of the stage was great, but we were in the first row above an entrance, so there was no leg room whatsoever – it was a great concert, and I’m stunned that we made it.

And for the record, I have no intentions of trying to break this four-state pee record anytime soon.

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