Blackberry bimbo

(Originally posted on my MySpace blog Aug. 2, 2006) 

I now know every possible ring tone on a new Blackberry.

Did I get a new Blackberry? Hell no. The last thing I need is to be that accessible.

So how did I gain such an intimate knowledge of the Blackberry ring tones? I did so by encountering someone who could not have possibly been more oblivious to her surroundings.

Allow me to set the stage: evening rush hour, PATH train back to Hoboken, approximately 40 people on board. A 30-something airhead boards the train on 14th Street and immediately proceeds to whip out her spanking new Blackberry and, at full volume, test out every single ring tone, multiple times, completely clueless about the majority of the other passengers staring at her, jaws dropped, several of them making fun of her out loud.

This went on for a full 10 minutes, until the train pulled into Hoboken and the fluff brain put away the 200-decible device, to the visible delight of most.

I admit it: I’m a device geek. But I’d like to think I’d be able to at least display the self-control to wait until I got into my own damn house before holding a Best of Blackberry reunion tour.


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