An A-Foul from A-Rod

(Originally posted on my MySpace blog Aug. 21, 2007)

A-Rod foul ball

Lightning struck twice in two weeks: I caught another foul ball Thursday, Aug. 2 – sadly, the anniversary of the death of Thurman Munson – off the bat of one Alex Emanuel Rodriguez.

This wasn’t an ordinary foul ball, either. It was hit while A-Rod was still stuck between home runs No. 499 and 500, so it has an “A” written above the Major League Baseball logo and a “92” written below.

The ball also has a hologram on it, but I haven’t been anywhere near a black light, so I haven’t seen the hologram, nor do I have a clue what it looks like.


On a side note, I can’t tell you how many of my dumb-ass friends said, “Take it to the club.” Right … because I frequent clubs so often.


Anyway, it was pretty exciting. The ball was hit right to me. It was a fairly easy catch. The guy in front of me had his hand on it also, but I had two hands and much more of the ball. Several people came down to look at it and see what was different about the A-Rod balls, and one or two even took pictures (which, I’m sure, came out better than the poor effort by myself and the camera on my cell phone).


Two foul balls in two weeks: I’d never have called this one.

3 comments on “An A-Foul from A-Rod

  1. Matt says:

    Hello, I just read your post about the Alex Rodriguez foul ball, and I was wondering if you would be interested in selling it?


  2. Matt says:

    Here is my email address if you are interested in selling the ball:


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