New Year’s Eve … bah, humbug!

(Originally posted on my MySpace blog Dec. 29, 2005) 

Someone please enlighten me: What is the big fucking deal about New Year’s Eve?

I just don’t understand the concept that it’s a social necessity to do something new, amazing, spectacular and costly for New Year’s Eve just because it’s New Year’s Eve. From my experiences, two things happen on New Year’s Eve: People who rarely drink decide to imbibe heavily due to the “special” occasion and make asses of themselves, and people who drink regularly decide to exceed their usual consumption and make asses of themselves. For the record, I have been guilty of the latter on numerous occasions.

Yet people seem to feel that it’s mandatory to spend $100 to get into a crowded, hot bar, when there’s no way in hell they’ll get up to the bar enough times to drink their $100 worth. Bartenders are often grumpy because most people don’t bother tipping them during all-you-can-drink nights, so they’re in no rush to quench your thirst. Going to the bathroom is a mission. And when it comes down to it, there’s often no difference between the bar on that night and the same bar on any of the other 364 nights of the year, aside from goofy hats and noisemakers.

I will be spending New Year’s Eve at my favorite bar in Hoboken, with a good core group of the regulars. I will not be paying a cover charge, nor will I be rammed into a place crowded enough to mirror the 4 train on the way up to a Yankee playoff game. I will drink several pints of Guinness, more than likely with a champagne toast at midnight. I will have a blast, love every minute of it and not regret my decision whatsoever. And I will have enough money left to enable me to consume something other than Oodles of Noodles between New Year’s Day and my next paycheck on Jan. 15.

Good riddance, 2005. Be gone, spawn of Satan. Here’s to a good 2006.

 (9’s addition on 1/26/08: 2006 sucked!)

One comment on “New Year’s Eve … bah, humbug!

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